Lavender Charcoal Cleansing Bar [Full Body]

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All in one cleansing bar that cleanses your face, body, and hair/beard.

Formulated with Goat Milk and Charcoal that combats acne- prone skin; it contains special properties that offer a natural and gentle exfoliation. 

Charcoal exfoliates by removing dead skin, oil buildup, and dirt that can clog pores. Cleanses by pulling debris out of pores and getting rid of blemish causing bacteria, especially razor bumps from shaving. 

Mixed with lavender leaves for a relaxing experience + it’s calming and lessens acne, lightens skin, and reduce wrinkles. 

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Plus it’s Unisex


Goat Milk, Charcoal, Almond Oil, Lavender Leaves 



Dampen and work into a foaming lather and use on face + body.

For Beard/Hair: Work into hair like a shampoo bar and rinse, follow with hydrating conditioner.



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