Diämondé Pro+ Dry Masks - 2 oz.

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100% natural + vegan.

Pro+ Clay Masks Dry Powder Blends:


Detox - Betonite + Charcoal Dry Clay Mask [vegan waterless]

*helps to deep clean and detoxify the skin which helps to shrink pores and erase fine wrinkles. [Good for normal - oily skin types.]


Purify - White Kaolin + Rhassoul Dry Clay Mask [vegan, waterless]

*helps to unclog pores and balances the skin’s natural moisture levels + it firms, revitalizes + hydrates.  [Good for aging, oily and acne prone skin types.]


Powerhouse - French Green Sea  Dry Clay Mask [vegan, waterless]

*helps with detoxifying and healing with anti-inflammatory properties. It also removes debris from under the skin, decreases pore size and improves skin tone. [Good for sensitive or reactive (inflamed) skin types.]


Firming - Rhassoul + French Green Sea Dry Clay Mask [vegan, waterless]

*helps with firming and revitalizing the skin and boosting moisture. Also, it helps improve skin tone and decrease pore size, and heals with anti-inflammatory properties. [Good for sensitive, reactive, and/or aging skin types.]

Deep Cleanse - Activated Charcoal Dry Clay Mask [vegan, waterless]

*helps with deep cleaning and detoxifying, draws out impurities and unclogs pores. [Good for all skin types, acne prone and/or normal - oily combination skin types.] 



Mix 1-2 teaspoon of dry mask powder with a few drops of any desired liquid of your choice [ aloe vera gel/liquid, rose/lavender water, purified water] until a paste is formed. Leave mask on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing with warm water and damp face cloth.

*Can be used as a face, body, and/or hair mask.

Made fresh. Use within 12 months. Keep water away to maximize shelf life.


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