Our mission here at DIÄMONDÉ is for every client, no matter the age to flaunt their complexion and walk in their true beauty. Although, we're a skincare brand, we believe you can be your true self when you take care of SELF. Finding and staying true to your Self Ritual is why our brand is now branching into Lifestyle instead of just skincare. When your self is taking care of in the most. intentional way, you can be able to find more ways to make sure self is first in the most "selfless selfish way" lol, if you catch my drift. 


I created this brand with ME in mind initially, because I wanted products natural, smelling good, and with luxury in mind. Being a Taurus, I crave for some intentional "ME TIME"; with no apologies. Even though these products were for me, I still knew there was a disconnect in a market so saturated, especially when it came to Black and Brown people. Every guest I encountered at my then job in the beauty industry always knew I was using more on my skin than the products I was hired to sell, so, I eventually gave in and shared my "SELF CARE RITUAL" I had created for myself. Now, I'm sharing it with the world, and couldn't be more happy for the journey within sharing with all of you. Self advocation is something I stand for wholeheartedly as an earth sign, being grounded in self is why DIÄMONDÉ is here!

As you all find your self care rituals within Diämondé, I thought why not be in tuned MIND, BODY, AND SOUL, with my new sister brands; KÔFĒ BLENDS + DIÄMONDÉ | HAUS. Can't wait for y'all to be on this self love journey with us.


- Diamond Norman, CEO