Beäuty Breakdown Brush + Sponge Cleansing Solid

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Ever wondered why you’re still breaking out even though you’re using all things skincare?

Have you thought about your makeup tools? 

How often do you clean them?

Cause they can be getting in your way to clear healthy skin!!


We’ve created a 100% natural brush + sponge cleansing solid that deep cleans 🧼  your makeup tools for long lasting brushes + clear healthy skin. 


How to use: 

WET 💧 •  SWIRL 🌪 •  RINSE 💦 •  DRY 💨

Just as simple as that. 

* We like to suggest to work into a larger on your brush with your hands once product is on wet brush or sponge and then rinse, and repeat those steps until no makeup residue is on the solid or when you rinse. 

* Lay brushes/sponges on a flat surface to dry or hang brushes upside down to drip dry.

* Thoroughly rinse solid and empty out any liquid in solid and wipe out any moisture with a dry paper towel and store in a cool place.  

Scented with lemongrass for a clean, relaxing aromatherapy vibe. 



Shea Butter, Aloe, Apricot Oil, Castor Oil, Kaolin Clay, Coconut Oil, Fragrance. 

4oz. Cleansing Solid 

Made in Texas. 






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